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Nightclubs in Stockholm. A crowded dancefloor at Fållan, a nightclub and concert venue in southern Stockholm.

Photo: Adrian Beck

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Mixing things up on Stockholm's club scene

Publish date: 23 November 2021

A great mix of people and music genres, often in the same place. Here are my favorite night-haunts in Stockholm's club scene.

The best thing about the nightclub scene in Stockholm is its mix. And not just a mix of several great clubs to choose from. All my favorite clubs are a great blend of different people and music genres not just from day-today, but every single night.

I start the evening with a glass of wine or two at Savant Bar in Vasastan, or if it's summer with a drink at Stockholm Under Stjärnornas rooftop bar. I might even drop by karaoke bar Moyagi for some spicy Asian tapas and a couple of songs. But after that, it's off to Södermalm where all my favorite clubs are located.

Södra Teatern by Mosebacke square and Hornhuset at Hornstull are both large, multi-story clubs with several bars, rooms, and dance floors. One floor might be hosting hip hop and RnB-club, another might be in full disco mode, and elsewhere you might find house and techno. The summer club Trädgården has a similar concept: the main stage and bar outdoor, with smaller bars and food vendors sprinkled around the premises and an indoor nightclub, Under Bron, open until 3 AM. Even further south in Stockholm's former meatpacking district, you'll find Fållan with two live stages, four bars, and a small outdoor food truck-plaza. And while not technically not a nightclub, Tjoget at Hornstull is not only a great restaurant but also has a wine bar, beer café, and a cocktail bar. So in a nutshell, all my favorite evening spots have something for everyone and don't cater to just one taste!

One important thing to know when going out in Stockholm is that most nightclubs close around 3 AM. As opposed to cities like Berlin where the clubs start filling up at this hour and then continue the party until the break of dawn. In other words, it's a good idea to be at the club early since they have a tendency to fill up fast.

Be on the look-out for these DJ's

Since Stockholm doesn't have many nightclubs focusing exclusively on just one type of music, you might want to look up some DJs beforehand if you have specific tastes. Most use Instagram to promote upcoming gigs. Here's my list of favorite DJs from Stockholm.

@ladieslovehiphop (Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Afrobeats)
@hallkaftenochdansa (Hip Hop / Afrobeats)
@sugarcaneswe (Afrobeats / Dancehall)
@Bigbellysound (Reggae / Dancehall)
@maelecheza (Hip Hop, Afrobeats, Future Beats)
@iindiigoo (Hip Hop, Afrobeats, Future Beats)
@__bellaboo__ (House / Electronic)
@kornelkovacs (House / Electronic)
@Axelboman (House / Electronic)

About the author

Nataša Marijana is born and raised on Södermalm. She's studied music -and event organizing and describes herself as a DJ and creative consultant. Together with childhood friends Rebecca Tegengne and Linda Nápoles, she founded Ladieslovehiphop in 2014 – to organize clubs, festivals, and events. When's she's clubbing herself, you'll most likely find her at Södra Teatern or Trädgården. Even though there's much to love about Stockholm any time of the year, summer is her favorite season in the city. "You can already feel a kind of pre-summer buzz during the spring when the days grow longer and everything seems to open up".

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