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Nightclubs in Stockholm. A DJ is surrounded by a partying crowd at Krets.

Photo: Adrian Persson

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Nightclubs in Stockholm 2024 – a primer

Publish date: 15 January 2024

Stockholm’s bustling and exciting nightlife serves up music, dance, and great parties for all ages and flavors. Experience frantic techno, groovy house, and the latest urban beats, or why not sing along to beloved pop hits?

During the last couple of years, electronic music has grown exponentially in Stockholm. The city has a long and storied history of club music, having been home to superstar DJs and producers for decades. Both in heavier and darker Techno-genres (like Adam Beyer, La Fleur, and Joel Mull), as well as commercially more successful House (like for example Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, and Eric Prydz).

This, together with an innovative and thriving grassroots community of local talent and event organizers (Studio Barnhus, Jenny Olander, Elfenberg, and Ladies Love Hip Hop to name a few), has made Stockholm a great destination to experience club life and electronic music. And every week international DJs make a tour stop here, so there’s no shortage of high-octane nightclub discoveries to be made whether you visit a club, a large party, or a music festival.

Berns, dansgolv
Pax Engström

While some of the city’s clubs focus on different genres of electronic music, others serve up Hip Hop, Salsa, or Pop nostalgia. Several of Stockholm’s largest clubs, Södra Teatern for example, have multiple dance floors all spinning different kinds of music. This is another way of saying that the club environment itself is very diverse. From raw concrete and industrial atmosphere at Slakthuset, with walls trembling from deep bass frequencies to cocktails at stylish design clubs like Sturecompagniet. And if you’re up for something fancier still, why not spend the evening under the chandeliers at one of Stockholm’s entertainment institutions? Venerable nightclubs like Berns have welcomed partygoers for over 100 years.

You’re not doing Stockholm’s nightlife justice if you don’t mention the city’s summer clubs. Longer and brighter evenings, with balmy weather, make the club scene kick into another gear and truly blossom out with dancefloors under the stars at rooftops and outdoor clubs like Trädgården. More often than not, festive summer nights end with a cool after-hours swim and a lovely walk home in the sunrise.

Last but not least, the subway in Stockholm operates 24/7 during weekends, and there are many night buses to choose from. And anyone in need of a hearty meal after a long night has plenty of brunch cafés to choose from. So, welcome to dance away the night in Stockholm!

Seven nightclubs not-to-miss

  • Banankompaniet – Formerly a storage house for imported bananas in Frihamnen, Banankompaniet opened up as a nightclub in 2023. Two larger stages, four bars and a large outdoor area for summer clubs.
  • Berns – Storied entertainment palace in central Stockholm. Opened its doors in the late 19th century. Has several smaller clubs and dance floors under the same roof, playing different kinds of music.
  • Debaser – A contemporary classic. Debaser, named after a track by The Pixies, is a mid-size concert venue with regular nightclub parties. Expect rock, indie, metal, hip-hop, electronic music, and everything in between. You'll also find the Italian restaurant Capricci next door and the smaller Bar Brooklyn which hosts smaller bands and pub quiz nights.
  • Fållan – Nightclub and concert venue in Slakthusområdet. Founded in 2003, Fållan moved into new premises in 2024, as part of a larger project to make Stockholm's former meat-packing district a hub for culture, music, and gastronomy.
  • Slakthuset – Slaughterhouse-turned-nightclub in Stockholm's former meat-packing district. A rough and industrial atmosphere with an emphasis on electronic music. But occasionally, it has clubs in other genres as well.
  • Stadsgårdsterminalen – Stadsgårdsterminalen is located near Slussen in what is a former ferry terminal and opened in early 2023. It's a venue and space for art, music, nightclubs, and events. It also features a bar, rooftop terrace, and the live stage Kollektivet Livet.
  • Sturecompagniet – One of Sweden's most famous nightclubs, located on Stureplan. Serves up a great atmosphere and electronic music.
  • Södra Teatern – Another club institution steeped in history. Several floors, playing different music genres in a historical setting.
  • Trädgården – The city's largest summer club. An inclusive place where everyone will have a great time. Experience sweaty urban beats, pulsating techno, and great daytime parties.