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Hedda Spendrud pours up a glass of beer at Omaka brewery in Stockholm.

Photo: Petter Bäcklund

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The best beer bars and breweries in Stockholm

Publish date: 11 March 2024

Stockholm has a thriving scene of microbreweries and beer halls. Here are some of the city's most innovative bars and breweries.

Interest in beer has never been greater in Stockholm. Several new microbreweries have opened in recent years, and star restaurants are now including quality craft beer in their beverage pairings or developing brews that are especially suited to their food.

And there's a collection of bars and restaurants that have been havens for beer aficionados. Here are some options:

  • Akkurat – Hailed as one of the best beer bars, not only in Sweden but in the world. Has a rotating selection of tap beer, and a cellar with around 500 bottles of aged vintage beer.
  • Internationella Pressklubben – Bar en restaurant in central Stockholm. Specialized in Belgian beer with around 800 different brews to choose from.
  • Katarina Ölcafé – Cozy hole-in-the-wall bar, but with a large selection of brews. The primary focus is on local Swedish beer, with a smaller selection of international beers.
  • Lådan – Laidback bar in central Stockholm serving snacks, smaller dishes for sharing, and beer. The beer on tap is primarily from Swedish craft breweries.
  • Mikkeller – Award-winning Danish craft brewery founded in 2006. Has since opened a chain of bars serving Danish delicacies and tasty beer. The Stockholm branch is located on Södermalm.
  • Stigbergets fot – Gothenburg-based brewery with a bar in Stockholm. You'll find both Stigberget's own brews and guest beer on tap, as well as burgers, hot wings, nachos, and other snacks to eat.
  • Zum Franziskaner – Classic beer cellar in Old Town. Has been around since 1910, serving beer steins and copious portions of German evergreens like Schnitzel and Schweinhaxe.

Made in Stockholm - find local craft beer

A close-up of the beer taps at Katarina Ölcafé. Katarina Ölcafé is one of many places in Stockholm that specializes in artisan craft beer from local breweries.
Katarina ölcafé

Several breweries in the Stockholm area operate a bar of their own. So if you're looking for a sample of local beer, here are some suggestions.

  • Münchenbryggeriet – Concert and convention center, located in a former brewery on Södermalm. Beer production stopped in 1971 but resumed again in 2018 albeit on a much smaller scale.
  • Nya Carnegiebryggeriet – A joint venture between Danish Carlsberg and American Brooklyn Brewery. Opened as a brewery, with a restaurant and bar in 2014.
  • Omaka – One of Stockholm's newest brewery-restaurants. Founded in 2020 by Hedda Spendrup, fourth-generation brewmaster of the Spendrups family.
  • Omnipollo – Award-winning craft brewery that rose to prominence during the 2010s. Runs a pizzeria/bar on Södermalm and a summer biergarten in Humlegården. The brewery/taproom is located in a former church in the suburb of Sundbyberg.
  • Pang Pang – Another award-winning brewery that was at the forefront of the 2010s Swedish craft beer boom. The brewery/taproom is located in Hökarängen, in southern Stockholm, and the bar is in the Hornstull area of Södermalm.
  • Stockholm Brewing – Organic brewery and restaurant founded during the craft beer renaissance of the 2010s. Moved to its current location in Frihamnen in 2018. Hosts regular tours of its brewery, located next door to the bar/restaurant.

If you want to take Stockholm-brewed beer home with you, Systembolaget (page in Swedish) (the government-owned chain of alcohol stores) is your best option.

So whether you're in the mood for a glass of stout, IPA, lager, or Trapist there's a bar catering to your appetite. Find more selections in the list below!