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Lakis Psomas, barrista in Stockholm.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Lakis Psomas: My 5 best coffee experiences in Stockholm

Publish date: 15 December 2023

Where does a master barista drink his coffee? We asked Swedish champion Lakis Psomas about his favorite cafés in Stockholm.

Lakis Psomas has run several coffee shops and cafés, for example, Tro Hopp och Kaffe x Salong Betong at Arlanda and Fikabaren on Södermalm. Currently, he's working as an Advisory Barista and Customer Specialist for coffee brand Zoegas.

He's still very much an active barista, though. In the spring of 2023, he won the Swedish Barista and Brewers Cup Championship in Gothenburg and represented Sweden at the World Championships in Athens later that year.

We asked Lakis about his 5 best tips on where to get a great coffee in Stockholm:

A.B. Café
Has a unique atmosphere where you can feel their passion for quality. What really sets this café apart is its uncompromising choice of coffee blends. You'll only find championship coffee in their grinders - ie. roasts and blends that could easily win a championship trophy. I highly recommend their espresso with its unique flavor. Prepare yourself for a truly great experience!

Manages to impress with a modern vibe and a great coffee menu. What I like most about Gast is their variation of filter coffee, with new blends and roasts on every visit. It's a great way of discovering just how a coffee place of origin affects its taste. If you're looking for a modern and trendy coffee experience, you can bet on Gast to deliver.

Komet Café
Service on a level you won't forget in the first place. The people at Komet have a keen eye for details as every visit feels like a trip to Paris. And sitting here, with a creamy cappuccino and fresh pastry in front of you, you'll instantly want to make it a regular hang-out spot. Komet is definitely a café that will make a strong impression with its elegance and focus on small, lovely details.

Oma is a fairly new café by Kungsträdgården Park, offering an impressive selection of coffee. An excellent place to order a cup of hand-brewed coffee, with a barista ready to recommend something out of the ordinary.

Svedjan Bageri
Known for its delicious cinnamon buns and deep knowledge of coffee. But what really makes Svedjan stand out is their ability to combine pastry and coffee artistry in a unique way. Basically a great representation of modern Swedish fika culture with a focus on both craftsmanship and flavor.