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Swedish opera-singer Rikard Söderberg.

Photo: Karin Törnblom

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Rickard Söderberg: My top 5 inspiring places in Stockholm

Publish date: 16 October 2023

As Stockholm Pride celebrates its 25th anniversary, opera singer Rickard Söderberg returns as MC of the festival's closing parade. We chatted about his favorite, most inspiring, places in Stockholm.

Opera singer and artist Rickard Söderberg is one of modern Swedish opera's most acclaimed singers. Besides the many, many, productions he's had significant parts in, Rickard has recorded several innovative Opera albums, directed plays and shows, and on occasion branched out into musicals. He's also an activist for LGBTQ rights and environmental issues.

Born in Halmstad, in south-western Sweden, and with Malmö as his home (with Malmö Opera as his home scene) Rickard regularly visits Stockholm, for work or recreation. In August 2023 he returns as MC for Stockholm Pride's annual parade, and to celebrate the festival's 25th anniversary he shares the task with four other presenters; Tasso Stafilidis, Robert Fux, Kirsty Armstrong, and Kathryn LeRoux.

Here are Rickard's 5 top inspiring places in Stockholm, that always give him an energy boost.

Artipelag: An innovative art hall that lets your soul breathe, that I often visit. Currently, they're having a Monet exhibition where you can bask in his timeless art. But no matter what, their exhibitions are always interesting and ones you don't want to miss.

Bar Oas: This bar on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm is something of a hidden gem. The superb atmosphere and awesome staff make it a perfect place to relax, get some writing done or just watch passers-by while you're having a drink.

Folkoperan: Whenever I want to challenge myself with innovative opera and an incredibly welcoming atmosphere, Folkoperan on Södermaln is my go-to. It's exactly what it sounds like; opera for the people, and it really fills my soul.

Hermans: This vegan restaurant in the heart of Södermalm is easy to love. Their bbq-buffé is a classic, and looking out over Stockholm's best view gives you pause to breathe. Doesn't only fill your soul, but the belly as well.

Ulriksdal's Palace Theatre Confidencen: A place of both great beauty and a unique history. Its rooms let the creative arts meet contemporary history, and with the help of music and candle-lit theatre, the audience is taken on a journey to years gone.