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Cafees in Stockholm. A lamp hanging over a table at the centrally located Gast in Stockholm.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Cafés in Norrmalm

Publish date: 24 November 2023

Need a coffee before taking the train out of Stockholm? Or maybe a nice fika as soon as you've stepped off the train? Here are some great cafées in the city's most central district Norrmalm.

Norrmalm, or City as it's also called, is by far Stockholm's busiest district. Being the central hub for Stockholm's subway and commuter trains (as well as national trains), and a place of work for many people means many Stockholmers pass through the streets on a daily basis.

And what do Stockholmer's need every day? Coffee and a great fika. Among the neighborhood's caffées you'll find two of Stockholm's trendiest, Gast and Kaferang, local chains like Fabrique and Bröd & Salt, and the classic Stockholm bakery Vete-katten. Here's a selection of great coffee shops in the area, either on-location or to-go.

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