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Spring in Stockholm. Blooming cherry blossoms against a ble spring sky.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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A fika or lunch under the cherry blossoms

Publish date: 5 May 2023

Every spring the cherry blossoms of Kungsträdgården bloom in a beloved display of color that, for many, mark the definitive arrival of spring. So why not celebrate with a tasty fika or lunch?

Cherry trees bloom every spring in Stockholm, usually in the middle of April. And every year they draw scores of people wanting to see the beautiful pink flowers first-hand and maybe take a picture or two. Kungsträdgården's avenues of cherry trees are arguably the most popular and the park's central location makes it's easily accessible. Other great spots to bask in cherry blossoms are Bysistorget on Södermalm and Luma in Hammarby Sjöstad.

But don't just drop by, snap a picture, and move on. Relax! Have a cup of coffee or a takeaway lunch and enjoy the spring weather! Here are some places that are nearby these cherry blossom-hotbeds!