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Zandra Lindén, founder of designshop Esteriör.

Photo: FLB Europe

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Zandra Lidén: My 5 favorite interior design stores

Publish date: 24 October 2022

There’s no better city in Sweden for interior design than Stockholm. Zandra Lidén is the founder of Esteriör design store and studio, located on Södermalm. We asked her about her five favorite design stores.

Esteriör is a design store and studio founded in 2016 by Zandra Lidén and Henrik Ekberg. They share a vision of creating fun and playful interior design pieces, with a focus on color, design, and a mix of new & old.

Here are Zandra’s 5 best tips on interior design stores in Stockholm:

Esteriör Shop: "Of course, this has to be my #1! Our store has an eclectic mix of curated vintage, design details, furniture, great big flowers, and other crazy, colorful things. We want every visit to be an inspiring experience for you and we are constantly updating our stock. And we also absolutely love disco, so get ready to enjoy music and great vibes while you're shopping"

The Modern Sthlm: "With its cool, hand-picked selection of interior design pieces, you’ll walk away both inspired and with brands you hadn’t even heard of before. I love the perfect selection of vintage and adore the color palette at this exquisite and very personal little place."

Svenskt Tenn: "Sweden is often described as minimalistic and aesthetically monochrome. But this place is the exact opposite. Svenskt Tenn was founded by the Swedish design icons, Estrid Eriksson and Josef Frank in the late 1920s. It offers an exquisite mix of patterns, colors, designs, and textiles. It's an absolute must for your next visit to Stockholm!"

Nordiska Galleriet: "You’ll find all design icons gathered under one roof. Nordiska Galleriet offers an incredible selection of top-designer brands and classic furniture from all over the world. But be careful because that “must-have” feeling might just totally overwhelm you!"

Sjöström Antik: "If you love vintage, this is the place for you. They always have a surprising and fun mix of retro pieces from the 1950s and loads of playful design objects. The quality (and sometimes the wackiness) is consistently high!"