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A man is grilling corn on a small portable grill, among the cliffs on the island of Hjälpskär.

Photo: Henrik Trygg/Stockholm Archipelago

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Shopping for the adventurous

Publish date: 21 December 2021

Unprepared for the Swedish winter? Or maybe lacking a crucial part of gear for a summer excursion into the forests of Stockholm? Then these shops are for you.

Exploring Stockholm's nature can be both adventurous and relaxing, depending on what kind of experience you're hungry for. But venturing out under-dressed and unprepared might ruin any day trip. Light-sneakers are maybe not ideal footwear for a forest trek and warn undergarments and a cap are advisable for when the temperature has dropped below 0 °C/32 °F. Luckily, there are several shops where you can stock up on clothes and accessories for your excursion.