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A man is grilling corn on a small portable grill, among the cliffs on the island of Hjälpskär.

Photo: Henrik Trygg/Stockholm Archipelago

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Shopping for the adventurous

Publish date: 21 December 2021

Unprepared for the Swedish winter? Or maybe lacking a crucial part of gear for a summer excursion into the forests of Stockholm? Then these shops are for you.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Public Health Agency of Sweden urges everybody to avoid crowds and large groups of people, especially indoors. Shop alone, if possible, and try to avoid peak-business hours. Find the latest updated recommendations here.

Exploring Stockholm's nature can be both adventurous and relaxing, depending on what kind of experience you're hungry for. But venturing out under-dressed and unprepared might ruin any day trip. Light-sneakers are maybe not ideal footwear for a forest trek and warn undergarments and a cap are advisable for when the temperature has dropped below 0 °C/32 °F. Luckily, there are several shops where you can stock up on clothes and accessories for your excursion.