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A photo of furniture from IKEA. Scandinavian design.

Photo: IKEA Sverige

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Scandinavian design

Publish date: 2 December 2022

From timeless classics to innovative newcomers. Here's where you'll find the best Scandinavian design in Stockholm.

Scandinavian design is blond wood and designs with clean, minimalist lines, mixed up with quirkiness and splashes of color like the textile patterns by Josef Frank. Minimalist and functional yet stylish and innovative, our designs are often seen worldwide as always trendy under the “less is more” mantra, and Stockholm remains the epicenter for Swedish design. 

Beyond being beautifully crafted and attractive, design in Stockholm tends to be practical. Each design piece serves as a building block that can be mixed and matched with other design elements. From solid to light pastel-colored prints and heavy traditional patterns, fabrics also play an important role in the city's design culture. Stockholm designs are accessible to everyone for everyday practical use and there are high-quality designs at different price points for every budget.