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Bellmansgatan street in Stockholm. Old 18 and 19 century houses on Södermalm in Stockholm. Several key scenes in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium-books are set here.

Photo: Erik G Bengtsson

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Millennium: Discover Stieg Larsson's Stockholm

Publish date: 10 March 2022

The Millenium books were key in popularizing the new wave of Nordic crime literature. Here's how you can visit the real places featured in the novels and films.

Millennium began as a series of crime novels. Next, it became a series of Swedish movies, which in turn were adapted into American movies. Author Stieg Larsson presented a different side of Stockholm to the world, beyond long-held stereotypes, revealing a more accessible, contemporary, and diverse City. But through the eyes of the series' main protagonists – journalist Mikael Blomkvist and hacktivist Lisbeth Salander – we also discover a far more sinister side of the Swedish capital, with grim secrets hiding in its seedy underbelly. 

On the heels of the success, tons of fans have been making their way to Stockholm to see the sites where the stories unfold. To experience the city in the footsteps of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo you can take a tour. Tours of Stockholm offers regular Millennium tours, and the Stockholm City Museum sells maps in their gift shop for self-guided tours.

Here are the key locations of Stockholm, Millennium-style: