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Mårten Castenfors, director at Liljevalchs Konsthall, 2008-2023.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Mårten Castenfors: My 5 things to experience in Stockholm

Publish date: 24 February 2023

As Liljevalchs opens up its 102nd Spring Salon we asked the art halls director, Mårten Castenfors, about his favorite Stockholm experiences.

The Spring Salon at Liljevalchs Konsthall is one of Sweden's oldest recurring exhibitions, and certainly, the largest that's picked out by a jury. Applicants submit their art anonymously – paintings, sculptures, video, or mixed media – and a handpicked jury selects between 200-300 works to be featured in the final exhibition.

Mårten Castenfors has been director of Liljevalchs since 2008, but the 2023 edition marks his last year at the art hall. The former art critic is stepping down to focus on other projects. Before he hands over the baton we asked him about his top 5 Stockholm musts.

"With the risk of coming off as biased, Liljevalchs+ is a must. It's our annex, designed by architects Gert Wingårdh and Ingegerd Råman. At the moment we're having an exhibition by Jockum Nordström and it's simply amazing."

The Woodland Cemetary
"Having experienced art I'd suggest experiencing melancholy and fantastic architecture by Sigurd Lewrentz and Gunnar Asplund at the Woodland Cemetary."

"Södermalm is perfect if you'd like to experience urban nature in Stockholm. Take a walk along the water of the islands, it should take you about two hours, and feel energized and invigorated."

"A great café and bakery located in Hökarängen. A great place to experience a Swedish fika. Try their semlas if you have the opportunity!"

Skansen open-air museum
"Lastly, having experienced art, nature, melancholy, and fika I'd also suggest the Skansen open-air museum on Djurgården. A great place. Come here to see the old houses and cottages, and Nordic animals."