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Estelle Graf, artist based in Stockholm.

Photo: FLB Europe

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Estelle Graf: My 5 favorite art galleries

Publish date: 11 November 2022

From its large, established museums to small, pop-up galleries, Stockholm has something to offer everyone when it comes to art. We met Estelle Graf, artist and founder of Way Gallery, and asked her to share her five best tips for discovering the city’s art scene.

Although Estelle grew up in Stockholm, she started out her career as Art Director in Paris. A few years ago, however, she returned to her home city and is now focusing on her own art. Her work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and has sold pieces in Berlin, Paris, and New York.

Here are Estelle’s 5 favorite art galleries in Stockholm.

Misschiefs: "Art enthusiasts visiting Stockholm should start out at Sankt Eriksgatan 117, where they'll find Misschiefs. It’s my number one tip. The focus is on trailblazing Swedish womxn at the crossroads of design, craft, and art".

WAY gallery Sthlm: "Well, of course, I have to recommend my own gallery, at Upplandsgatan 57! The gallery’s other co-founders and I collaborate with rising artists and creators to ensure that the gallery is always vibrant, alive, and dynamic."

GSA gallery: "You’ll find GSA in Stockholm's gallery district. It focuses on modern art from more well-established artists, always with a wide variety, however. Artists like Louise Bourgeois and Roy Andersson have exhibited their works there."

Galleri Konstfack: "This is the students’ own gallery of works at Konstfack, the largest university college of arts, crafts, and design in Sweden. What better way to get an exciting glimpse into where art is heading in the future? Don’t miss out on all the amazing creations of these student geniuses on your next visit to Stockholm."

Wetterling Gallery: "Wetterling Gallery, has been the leading gallery of its kind since 1978 and is located but Kungsträdgården. Expect to see the most remarkable exhibitions of well-established artists and new ones entering the scene."