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Afternoon in Stockholm. Two women sit and admire the view from Skinnarviksberget.

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4 great spots for an outdoor breakfast

Publish date: 3 December 2020

Stockholm is a magical place in the early morning hours. So do yourself a favor, and enjoy an open-air breakfast, while the city slowly wakes up.

At our age, being out and about at the crack of dawn is a natural thing. Either for our daily workout-routine or a brisk walk. And besides, watching Stockholm (or any larger city, for that matter) slowly wake up, with the first cars rolling out and early commuters hurrying to work, is a marvelous way to start your day. Better yet, take the opportunity for a breakfast-picnic - either with coffee and sandwiches from home or a good café.

Sunrise at Mosebacke simply is magical. The nightclub is, of course, closed but you're still free to visit the terrace. We had breakfast here during our bachelor party, at six am, and the view over Gamla Stan and Slussen made it an unforgettable experience. Another beautiful place is Djurgården, especially if you're looking to start your day surrounded by nature. Be sure to follow the canal all the way to the end, past Djurgårdsbrunn, until you're at the shore overlooking Fjäderholmarna. If you're really looking to feel the pulse of the city though Nybrokajen is another great place to start your day, either by the docks or in nearby Berzelli Park. And let's not forget Skinnarviksberget and Fredhäll. They both offer a magnificent view of Stockholm, all-year-round.

About the author

Pehr and Richard Hante are known for having, if not the world's then at least Sweden’s most Christmasy-home (during the holidays, that is. Not all-year-round!). Pehr was born in Småland but has lived in Stockholm since 1985. Richard on the other hand was born in Stockholm but has also lived in Uppsala and the small village of Jormvattnet. They live on Kungsholmen together with the Spanish Water Dog Patrik, have a daughter (Cornelia) and a granddaughter (Wiola). Together they simply devour movies (watching every Oscar-nominated film is an annual tradition) and love to play miniature golf, arranging board game nights, good food, good wine, and travel. And during their travels, they try out every Escape Room they can find!

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