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Mat i Stockholm. En tallrik med köttbullar, på klassiskt vis med potatismos, rårörda lingon, pressgurka och gräddsås.
Photo: Bockholmsgruppen
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8 great meatball places in Stockholm

Publish date: 6 November 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swedish government has restricted the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants, until further notice. No alcohol is to be served after 8 pm (20:00). This might lead to some restaurants and bars closing earlier than usual, or not opening at all.

There’s one dish that stands out as the quickest way to get a crash course on typical Swedish flavor-combinations; Swedish meatballs. Made world-famous (but definitely not conceived) by the Swedish Chef, the ”hurdy-gurdy” balls are usually made on a mixture of veal and pork, milk or cream, eggs, breadcrumbs seasoned with salt and pepper. Size may vary, but the traditional way to eat them is with mashed potatoes, gravy, lingonberry jam, and pickled cucumber. Here are some suggestions on where to get a plate of the most Swedish of dishes.