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A close-up of red crayfish, boiled with dill. The crayfish parties are a summer tradition in Sweden.

Photo: Per Pettersson/

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It's time for crayfish!

Publish date: 4 July 2023

No Swedish summer is complete without a crayfish party in August. Here´s where you can taste the typical delicacies!

Eating freshwater crayfish in August is one of Sweden’s most cherished food traditions. Unlike traditional holidays, there isn't one particular day that is considered to be "crayfish day". Instead, Swedes hold crayfish parties - or "kräftskivor" - from the first Wednesday in August and into the early weeks of September.

In effect marking the end of summer (and the vacation for many Swedes), crayfish parties are held outdoors with party hats and lanterns to make the most out of the year’s last warm nights before autumn. The “red gold” is boiled with salt, dill, and beer, then chilled and eaten fresh from the shell. Customary side dishes include Västerbotten cheese, bread, salad, and a selection of nubbe shots to drink.

Below you'll find a selection of restaurants that serve crayfish in the traditional way. Most of them start serving crayfish in the first weeks of August. Dates may vary slightly so check in advance if you want to be certain crayfish are served during your visit.