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Red painter wooden houses along a quay on a sunny summer day

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Gastronomic archipelago

Publish date: 10 May 2023

Sweet, salty. Dessert or savory. The Stockholm archipelago has many flavor combinations to choose from.

Some restaurants and cafés in the Stockholm archipelago are closed during fall and winter. Be sure to check their webpage if you're planning a visit outside of the spring and summer season!

The proximity to nature is reflected in the cuisine of the archipelago, which of course means lots of delicious fish and seafood. Fried herring potato puré, green peas, lingonberry jam, and clarified butter is a must! But generally speaking, the area's restaurants take pride in serving regional dishes in their original environment. And anyone who wants to fill up their pantry with locally produced delicacies has much to chose from; locally produced beer, apple must, cheese, chocolate and much more.