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Restaurants in Stockholm. haute cuisine at the omakase restaurant Flickan.

Photo: Flickan

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Restaurants in Gamla stan (Old town)

Publish date: 11 May 2024

A block or two away from the tourist highlights of Gamla Stan, you'll find some of the most interesting restaurants in Stockholm.

As you might imagine from hearing its name, Gamla Stan (Old town) is Stockholm's oldest district. Its narrow streets are steeped in history with buildings that are several hundred years old. It's no coincidence then, that iconic Den Gyldene Freden (arguably the oldest restaurant in town) has served hungry diners since 1722 at the same address.

That's not to say that time has stood still in Gamla Stan, far from it. Stockholm's historical district has become quite the hot spot for culinary geeks, with a wide variety of eateries. Diners are treated to both gastronomic classics, traditional Swedish favorites, and innovative fusions of flavors.

In the gastro block Leijointornet, for example, you'll find omakase at Flickan, italo-fusion at La Ragazza, and well-stocked wine bar The Burgundy. Swedish classics like meatballs, kroppkakor and raggmunkar are to be found at Tradition. Pharmarium has an almost scientific approach to its drink menu, where the contents of your glass dictate what you'll get on your dinner plate. And if you're feeling up for beers and burgers Barrels has you covered.

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