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A cabinet full of wines at Tyge och Sesil, a wine bar in Stockholm. Red, white, pink or sparkling. There are several great places to get a carefully selected wine.

Photo: Mathias Nordgren

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Wine bars in Stockholm

Publish date: 7 November 2023

In the mood for a glass of wine, or maybe two? Here are some of Stockholm's best wine bars.

Red, white, rose, or maybe sparkling? Stockholm has experienced a wine bar boom in recent years, with new bars popping up everywhere, catering to every kind of wine lover.

Not to mention all the restaurants with a deep knowledge of all things made from pressed and fermented grapes.

Some have become havens for lovers of natural wines, like Alba, Bar Ninja, Savant, and Tyge & Sessil. Others, like Vina, Folii, and Nektar have an ever-changing wine list that compliments whatever the seasonal dinner menu has to offer.

There are quirky bars like Ambar, a bar that treats its guests exclusively to amber-colored beverages (rum, orange wine, brandy). And then there are restaurants, like La Ragazza and Leijontornet, with awe-inspiring wine cellars that seem to stock just about everything and anything.

So no matter what your pallet prefers, there's a wine bar in Stockholm that caters to your taste. Here’s a small selection!

"Can I have a glass of Swedish wine?"

The simple answer is "yes". Although not even remotely as famous as France, Italy, or Spain, Sweden has a modest but growing wine production. In recent years Swedish wines have also started to appear on well-stocked restaurants' wine lists.

Since 1999, Sweden has been an officially designated "wine country", and in 2020 there were about 30 producers. Most are located in the southern province of Skåne/Scania, and the Baltic islands of Öland and Gotland.

The most popular wine grapes are unfit to cultivate in Sweden, due to a chillier climate and fewer sun hours than other European wine-producing giants. Instead, Swedish producers prefer lesser-known, cold-resistant grapes such as Rondo, Cabernet Cortis, Muscaris, Souvignier Gris, and Solaris.

Although there are some red Swedish wines, most are white or rosé. Swedish sparkling wines have also become more common. Some Swedish wine producers are Flädie, Flyinge, Klagshamn, Skepparps, and Wannborga.

Source: Systembolaget (page in Swedish)