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Quiz night in Stockholm

Publish date: 13 October 2023

Get to know the locals by joining a pub quiz team. Here are some of my favorite quiz haunts!

I love going to pub quizzes, and it recently struck me that it’s an awesome way for visitors to get into a culture and get to know new people. So, I'm hoping that this guide will help find exciting constellations of new friends in Stockholm. Just crash any quiz team and win them over with your knowledge (and charm)!

Now, there are voices in Sweden claiming that the winner takes it all, and the loser has to fall. I couldn't disagree more, at least not when it comes to quizzing. It's more about learning new interesting trivia, getting to know people, and having a good time. So come on and join the movement of the quizitors!

Some of the quizzes below are in English, some are not. But don't worry, good teammates will help you with a translation if needed. Some quizzes might require teams to register and book a table beforehand though, so check with the organizer or venue if you're unsure.

Bagpipers Inn – odd Sundays at 18:00
A cozy pub in a great location at lovely Rörstrandsgatan in Vasastan (high local-vibe alert!) which is a very nice place for a stroll past bakeries, cafés, restaurants, and bars, before game time! Their Sunday Funday Quiz is every other Sunday, odd weeks, starting at 18:00.

Bar Brooklyn – Monthly music and movie quizzes, weekly pop culture quiz every Tuesday
Bar Brooklyn is a cool place at a nice location by the waterfront in trendy Hornstull. The bar has several quizzes, like a monthly music quiz as well as a monthly movie quiz. These are perfect if you're a connoisseur since some questions can be real head-scratchers.

The bar also has a weekly pop culture quiz on Tuesdays, which is a little more laidback. Questions are in English, but they might refer to knowledge about Swedish culture.

Bar KajaTuesdays at 19:00
A cute little bar serving craft beer and empanadas and hosting a seemingly immensely popular quiz, since I’ve never managed to get a seat (and not for a lack of trying). Might be because the place is very small, of course. Still, Kaja exudes good vibes, and I'd really like to try the quiz myself!

Glada StinsenSundays at 17:30
A classic watering hole on Söder that is yet to be discovered and conquered by the young and cool! We ended up sitting at the bar next to one of the old regulars who informed us about the history of the place. Ambitious quiz with all kinds of questions. Apparently, though, the same team always wins, so if you can’t beat them – join them!

Fotografiska – Sundays at 17:00
Fotografiska, which I hope you plan to visit anyway, hosts a very fun quiz at their outdoor serving area in summertime. Not to brag (too much) but my team actually won when we visited. I've heard that there are plans to move the quizzes indoors and keep going during fall and winter. Also worth noting is that the prizes are excellent.

Rivieran at Trädgården – Fridays 18:30 (summertime only)
This is by far one of the very best quizzes I’ve ever been to! Stylishly packaged in every way; great hosts, great guests, and even the answer sheets are works of art. Content-wise it's a very fun and playfully diverse quiz! Always on a Friday which is good 'cause it's held at Trädgården, one of the best clubs in this town if you ask me. Stay the night!

Söders Hjärta – Tuesdays at 18:00
One of my absolute favorite bars in Stockholm, meaning that their quiz is very near and dear to my heart as well. The reasons are many but basically, it's a really genuine and nice quiz in a really genuine and nice bar. Despite the rather early start it can be tricky to get a seat, so try to grab a table in the dining room instead. You can participate from there too, and the food is great!

The Bishop Arms – Tuesdays at 19:00 (only once a month)
A cozy pub at Mariaberget's peak on Södermalm. Book a table first, and start off by having a walk around the neighborhood's stunning surroundings and views (some of Stockholm's best). Top it off with a fun quiz in a real gem of a pub you probably wouldn’t find if you didn’t already know about it.

The Tudor Arms – Mondays at 19:00
Something of a "quiz institution". The Tudor Arms is a typical pub, located in Östermalm. It definitely has a different vibe and regulars than the other quizzes I've mentioned –most of them are in Södermalm, after all. A good place to alternate between the other quizzes if you want a well-rounded exercise regime for your brain.

Wirströms Pub – Thursdays at 19:00
Probably the quiz I’ve visited the most. It's in an Irish pub and the quiz is held in English. Taking place in a cellar pub in Old Town also means two things: 1). It's nice and cozy during the dark and cold of winter, and 2). No one can cheat, since there is no reception down here. Fair game!

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Magnus describes himself as a "sun and light junkie", which makes Stockholm both a challenging but also remarkable place to choose to live in. He's always on the hunt for more Vitamin D – whether it means choosing the sunniest open-air restaurant or walking up a mountain. Nothing makes him feel better than opening a window in his Södermalm apartment, breathing in the fresh air, and watching the sunset. Magnus works in marketing and has been a Stockholmer for 15 years. When he's not working or walking, you'll most probably find him in a relaxed restaurant or bar on Södermalm, trying to win a music quiz.

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