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The stage at Stampen, a classic jazz and blues bar in Old Town, in Stockholm. The picture is taken from the stage. There’s a drum set, guitar and piano on stage, facing the crowd hanging around the cozy bar.
Photo: Bengt Nyman / Wikimedia Commons
Categories: Bars & Nightlife

Great drinks & live music

Publish date: 19 November 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swedish government has restricted the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants, until further notice. No alcohol is to be served after 8 pm (20:00). This might lead to some restaurants and bars closing earlier than usual, or not opening at all.

Whether the jazz band plays a song that grabs your attention or you're floored by the virtuosity of the resident pianist, a bar is, in fact, a great place to discover new music. As the focal point for the Swedish music scene, Stockholm has no shortage of bars that offer live music to create a dynamic and unforgettable ambiance.