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Hedda Spendrup is from the famed brewer family Spedrup. She runs the restaurant and bar OMAKA in Stockholm and shares her best bar tips at Visit Stockholm.

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Hedda Spendrup: My 5 best beer places

Publish date: 10 November 2022

Stockholm has a vibrant bar scene that is constantly changing. We met up with Hedda Spendrup, Brewmaster at OMAKA brewery to get her 5 best tips on places to enjoy a beer.

Hedda is the youngest in the fourth generation of the Spendrup brewing family. With her family name and history, very were surprised that she found her passion in the same area and decided to invest in a brewery education. Hedda learned the craft of brewing at VLB Berlin to become a Certified Brewmaster. Prior to that, she worked with product development at Brutal Brewing in Stockholm and the Beavertown Brewery in London. Hedda is now the brewmaster and founder of OMAKA at Uggelviksgatan 2. It's a brewery and restaurant situated in the University of Architecture's old historic building on Östermalm in Stockholm.

"We always focus on taste before style because, in the end, the taste is what’s always most important. And that needs to be reflected on the menu, in your glass, and by what’s on the plate."

Here are Hedda’s tips on the 5 best places in Stockholm to enjoy a nice cold glass of beer.

Omnipollos Flora at Humlegården: "Beautiful, flowery, and charming are words that describe Omnipollos Flora perfectly. Centrally located in Humlegården park with the highest possible coziness factor."

Katarina Ölkafé: "Loads of different types of beer, friendly staff, and New York Deli-style food. Seven types of beer on tap that are constantly updated and other exciting varieties in bottles."

Mikkeller: "Danish street food, hot dogs, and a huge beer selection. You’ll find Denmark’s best pub in Stockholm."

Bleck: "It might not look like much from the outside, but this concrete shoebox-type building on Katarina Bangata is one of the coziest venues in Stockholm. A laid-back, worry-free atmosphere right in the heart of the city."

Babajan: "Sit back, relax and enjoy the genuine neighborhood vibes of Söder at Babajan."