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Bright lights shine from a concert stage over a big, silhouetted, crowd. Every year Stockholm is visited by some of the world’s biggest artists for unforgettable concert evenings.

Photo: Tove Freij

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Upcoming concerts

Publish date: 17 December 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of participants at major public events, theatre shows, and movie screenings is restricted. This might lead to some events being canceled or postponed on short notice. All event information is subject to change and we refer directly to the event organizers and venues for further questions. You can read more about the restrictions here.

With the Swedish music phenomenon in mind, it’s no surprise that Stockholm is home to several iconic arenas, intimate clubs, and unique concert halls. The city is frequently visited by some of the world’s biggest and most influential artists and here are some that are heading this way soon!

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