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Andreas Bergman, bartender and founder of the Stockholm restaurant Tjoget.

Photo: FLB Europe

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Andreas Bergman: My 5 favorite cocktail bars

Publish date: 8 December 2022

The creativity of Stockholm’s bar scene never ceases to amaze. After a fun Saturday in the city, why not end the day with a delicious cocktail before heading off to dinner? We met up with Andreas Bergman, owner, and founder of Tjoget to ask him to share his five best tips on where to get truly great cocktails.

Andreas Bergman is an award-winning bartender and restaurateur who now owns and runs Tjoget restaurant and bar. It's been featured several times on William Reed's list of the World's best bars. Besides Tjoget, Andreas and his partner Joel Söderbäck also run Hornstulls Bodega, Paradiso, Liebling, and Positano at Nordiska Kompaniet.

Here are Andreas’ 5 best tips for cocktail bars in Stockholm.

Villa Dagmar: "Linda Eliasson, the head bartender, is the future and she makes insanely good drinks! She’s only ever worked at the best establishments, most recently with legendary Jimmy Dymott. Expect it to be good!"

Nori Bar (at Misshumasshu): "Josephine Sondlos’ most recent and hottest place. The bar takes its inspiration from the Japanese cocktail culture and everything Josephine touches seems to turn to gold. I’m excited to see how this place continues to evolve."

Bar DoMa: "Tea Malmegård and a few others are the forces behind Bar DoMa, a favorite here in the city. Delicious drinks, a cozy atmosphere on weekdays, and a bit more action on the weekend. Don’t forget to sample something from the dessert tray with your drink!"

Schmaltz: "Schmaltz is a New York-style deli primarily known for its delicious food. But they certainly know how to mix great drinks, too! Just, crazy good! The Bellini is one of the best in Stockholm, and while you're here you might as well have some delicious food too. Schmaltz is simply your one-stop shop for food and drinks."

Teaterbaren at Teatergrillen: "This little place is probably Sweden’s best bar per square meter. After lunch on a Saturday, the atmosphere here can’t be beaten. But there’s no reason to wait, this place is great any night of the week. Simple, delicious drinks without the fuss and fanfare that can mask flavors or sugar bombs. Wander by, find a seat by the window, sit back and enjoy!"