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Travel on nature's terms

Travel on nature's terms

In 2010 the EU designated Stockholm as the very first European Green Capital*. We are very pleased and proud of this, as a great deal of hard work lies behind it. Among other things, the city has invested heavily in eco-friendly transport, and as a tourist you can contribute in several different ways. Read more about how to travel in Stockholm on nature's terms.

Fly green

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is the first in the world to receive the highest accreditation in the Airports Council International Europe program for classifying the environmental impact of airports. The airport is working actively on a number of solutions, from how its terminals are heated and cooled to what kind of taxis and buses may serve the airport. So-called 'green approaches' are one such effort to reduce aircraft emissions. It involves easing back on the throttle at high altitude and gliding down. By 2012 8 out of 10 approaches will be green. You can offset the climate impact of both your flight and ground transportation to and from the airport at the Arlanda website.

To and from the airport

The Arlanda Express train wins easily when it comes to being eco-friendly and fast. Airport buses fuelled by locally produced rape seed oil are a close second. And outside Arlanda's terminals you'll find special ranks for 'Eco taxis', so if you aim to take a cab into town you can easily pick one that's eco-friendly. More info »

In town

Travelling in company is hard to beat if you want to take care of the environment. The underground, commuter trains and trams are all electric. What's more, the city and SL (Stockholm Public Transport) work closely together to make city buses greener. The Clean Vehicles project involves city buses being replaced by, or converted to, eco-vehicles. Today, roughly one bus in three is fuelled by ethanol or biogas, and the goal is 100 per cent by 2025.

On foot or by bike

If you really want to minimize your carbon footprint, put on a pair of comfortable shoes. Stockholm is a compact city and its investment in pedestrian and cycle paths makes it easy to get from one city district to another on foot or by bike. There are also excellent opportunities for renting bicycles. And besides, walking and cycling are unbeatable ways to see the city. Take a guided tour, or just take off on your own.

Eco-cars hotter than ever

If you really must go by car, go by eco-car. Ten per cent of Stockholm's total taxi fleet runs on biogas or ethanol, but the proportion is even higher in the larger companies. A new rota system gives priority to cabs with low carbon emission levels. If you plan to rent a car there are eco-friendly alternatives at all the companies recommended here at Visitstockholm.com. If you choose an eco-friendly car you'll also dodge paying the congestion charge when you drive in the inner city. The congestion charge was introduced in 2006 and a distinct reduction in city traffic was noticed almost immediately. Sales of eco-friendly cars in Stockholm have risen conspicuously. Two out of five cars sold in 2009 were eco-friendly.

* Every year, the European Commission selects a European Green Capital. This is a new award, and Stockholm was in 2010 first to receive the honor. The title is awarded to cities that can act as role models for other cities, show a consistent record of achieving high environmental standards, and are committed to ongoing and ambitious goals for environmental improvement and sustainable development.



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