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Photo: Långa Raden, Hotel Skeppsholmen

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4 lovely dating spots in Stockolm

Publish date: 18 January 2021

When it comes to the question of what makes a good date, there's one simple answer: avoid awkward silence. It's not just an important and ambitious task, it's the responsibility of both parties. However, some sidekicks don't contribute as much as others. So, my suggested spots are safe havens where other factors keep the conversation going.


"Chelas" is slang for beer in Spanish and this is a Mexican place worthy of its name! I actually went on a date here for real and it was successful solely 'cause of the staff. Put your trust in them and it will all be fine. It's located in the hip area of Hornstull which is a dating trick on its own. But on top of that, they serve awesome food very suitable for dating (small bites you can share), wine, beer, cocktails, tequila – you name it. Cozy indoor and very nice outdoor seating all-year-round. Not even the weather could ruin your date. If all dating spots were like this I would like to be single and dating forever.

Hellasgården & Söderbysjön

A nifty trick to turn a date into a summer romance is to go swimming together. There are hundreds of options in Stockholm, but one of the best is to set your GPS-navigation on Hellasgården. The lake is easy to reach by public transportation. Better yet, rent bikes and turn right towards Söderbysjön, just before you reach Hellasgården. This is a lake surrounded by a cozy forest, which gives you a traditional romantic setting. You are not allowed to carve your initials and a heart into a tree if you fall for each other, but it's still gonna be a good story to tell your grandchildren about how you met!

Hotel Skeppsholmen

Perhaps the best date-solution I can come up with! I've stayed at Hotel Skeppsholmen many times and it is truly unique to get such a countryside vibe right in the heart of a city. Meet up here for brunch, lunch dinner, or drinks. Each season on Skeppsholmen has its own charm; I can still remember birdsong and the smell of lilac and coming in through my window one spring. Moderna Museet is just next door if you need some culture to get a conversation going. Otherwise, you can just take a walk around Skeppsholmen island, sit down by the water, or lay down in the grass. If it clicks and you hear someone sarcastically saying saying "get a room" the hotel is close-by!


If you are more of a cocktail kind of person... Oh, never mind you by the way. Dating is not about you, remember? If she or he is more of a cocktail kind of person, I recommend going to Pharmarium. It's a cool cocktail bar located in an old pharmacy, Stockholm's first as a matter of fact. And while we're talking chemistry, The Nobel Prize Museum is located right by the bar, so why not ramp things up with some explosive history?

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Magnus describes himself as a "sun and light junkie", which makes Stockholm both a challenging but also remarkable place to choose to live in. He's always on the hunt for more Vitamin D – whether it means choosing the sunniest open-air restaurant or walking up a mountain. Nothing makes him feel better than opening a window in his Södermalm apartment, breathing in the fresh air, and watching the sunset. Magnus works in marketing and has been a Stockholmer for 15 years. When he's not working or walking, you'll most probably find him in a relaxed restaurant or bar on Södermalm, trying to win a music quiz.

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