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Activities in Stockholm. A man stands with both arms over his head, playing and arcade game at Hey STHLM!.

Photo: Linus Hagman

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Late night gaming in Stockholm

Publish date: 20 December 2021

Are you looking for something more than just a "regular" night out in Stockholm? Here are my suggestions on three great places that mix good drinks and beer with challenging video and arcade games!

I used to play video games when I was younger, but not so much in later years. At least not home, that is. Combining a night out with fun activities is another matter altogether, and recently I've made some great gaming-related discoveries in Stockholm.

I made my latest find Bebida somewhat by accident. Bebida is a South-American bar with cocktails and food from Peru, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil. In other words tequila, pisco, tacos, and maté. I visited to have a refreshing drink or two but discovered that they also have a cozy little gaming corner where you can challenge your friends to a race of Mario Kart.

N3rds Bar on Bondegatan on the other hand is a straight-up gaming bar. Guests book a table, order food and drinks, and have a tv-console with games directly at their table. I'd say that there's a heavy Nintendo focus – with NES, SNES, Wii, Switch, and Game Cube – which suits me just fine since the good old Super Mario Bros. is a favorite. But they do have other consoles available as well, like Xbox and Playstation. I love the concept and the atmosphere is really cozy, perfect for an after-work or date. An activity is an awesome way to break the ice, after all.

Hey STHLM!; which has become something of a go-to place, I also found by coincidence. Me and my partner went to RoQ, a pool hall at Odenplan, when we noticed bright flashing lights and sounds coming out from a room in the back. To our surprise we found it stuffed with arcade cabinets; racing games, light-gun shooters, rhythm games, you name it. We continued with our pool game, but made a mental note, and returned a couple of weeks later, pockets full of coin-tokens (which can be bought in a machine on-site) and ready to play. And play we did; 'til we were dripping of sweat. My favorites were the rhythm -and dance games, with lots of j-pop and k-pop tunes. I can't say I'm really familiar with the music, but it sure is fun to compete in. It has to be said, after all, that I'm awfully competitive. I don't really need a prize to put on my game face; a Japanese dancing game is good enough.

About the author

Clara Nazhadeian was born in Karlstad, raised in Uppsala, and today lives on Södermalm in Stockholm. While studying behavioral sciences at university she realized that working with people would suit her best, which today means a job as a recruiter for Klarna. Her workday revolves around finding new international talent and helping them to get started with their new life in Stockholm. During her spare time, she likes working out, acting in plays ("haven't done that in a while though, unfortunately"), and has a soft spot for Asian delicacies. And she's got a childlike obsession with Taiwanese "bubble tea": "The first time I tasted it I felt like a kid trying soda for the first time".

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