This is Stockholm

Modernity meets tranquility. Trend-setting restaurants and vibrant nightclubs next to idyllic archipelago. Welcome to a city where it is easy to breathe – and to feel your pulse.


Guide to SoFo

The blocks south of Folkungagatan are packed with interesting, cool and creative shops specializing in clothing, design, jewelry, knickknacks, vintage, houseware, music and much more. Several fashion brands have their own stores in this district. There are also scores of restaurants and cafés. The atmosphere is laid-back, yet highly aware. In the warm months, Nytorget Square is a bustling social scene.

SoFo Nights

Every last Thursday of the month, many of the shops in SoFo stay open to 21:00 and treat customers to special offers, events and surprises. More information can be found here.

Things to do in Stockholm - Top 10

10X Attractions

Old Town/Gamla Stan: District guide

6 Restaurants • 7 Attractions • 2 Cafes • 2 Nightlife

Stockholm in 24 hours

13 Attractions • 8 Restaurants • 2 Cafes • 4 Nightlife

Summer in Stockholm

22 Activities • 16 Attractions • 12 Cafes • 10 Restaurants • 8 Events • 8 Nightlife

Events Calendar

See what is happening in Stockholm while you’re here!

Museums with free entry

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Guide to the best views

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Exhibition highlights this season

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Guide to SoFo

5 Shopping • 1 Restaurants • 3 Cafes

New and trendy restaurants

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Open-air restaurants

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Green and organic Stockholm

3 Shopping • 7 Restaurants • 3 Cafes

Six beautiful parks

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The LGBT guide to Stockholm

Stockholm is a favorite destination for gays and lesbians who want more than just a neighborhood with gay-friendly bars.

Music and Stockholm

4 Nightlife • 3 Attractions • 7 Events

Garden cafés

6X Cafes

Östermalm: District guide

12 Shopping • 8 Nightlife • 7 Restaurants • 2 Attractions

Swedish fashion

11X Shopping
Swedish fashion

Scandinavian design

11X Shopping

Paddle in the city

5X Activities
Paddle in the city

That place where

Discover the stories and places behind Stockholm’s vibrant music scene!

Stockholm for kids

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Summer clubs

7 Nightlife • 2 Restaurants

Eateries in Södermalm

9X Restaurants

Parkteatern - Free outdoor theatre