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Tunnelbana i Stockholm. Thorildsplans tunnelbanestation. Bild på konsten på rampen upp till perrongen. Konsten är gjord av kakelplattor och påminner om pixliga tv-spels figurer från 80 -och 90-talet.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Public transportation in Stockholm

Publish date: 12 January 2022

By subway, tram, bus, ferry, or commuter train. Stockholm's local transportation network takes you almost anywhere.

Stockholm Public Transport, SL, is responsible for buses, underground trains, commuter trains, trams, and certain ferry lines in Greater Stockholm.

A single ticket is valid for 75 minutes, costs 38 SEK, and can be purchased at SL's ticket machines, through their app, or directly at the turnstiles using a credit card. It's also possible to buy 24 hours, 72 hours, and 30-day tickets. A parent with a stroller gets to ride for free on any of Stockholm's busses.

It's not possible to pay cash for tickets on buses in Stockholm. Failure to show on-demand a valid ticket during a control will result in a penalty fee of 1200 SEK.

Stockholmers are always heedful of their beautiful surroundings, and this has led to many inner-city buses running on eco-friendly fuels such as ethanol. The Stockholm underground is also known as the world's longest art gallery as so many of its stations are adorned with the works of different artists. Read more about art in the subway here.

Stockholm's public transport system also has an accessibility guarantee to ensure that travelers with different disabilities reach their destination.

Plan your journey and read more about the various subway lines, busses, and trams on SL's webpage.