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Solna centrum subway station in Stockholm. The station’s walls are painted green, reminiscent of a forest, and the ceiling is red like a summer’s sunset.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Accessibility in the subway

Publish date: 10 December 2021

Stockholms Lokaltrafik AB (the Stockholm Public Transport Company, or SL in short) has an accessibility guarantee in place to help travelers with disabilities reach their destination, should anything unforeseen happen. In short, this guarantee means that SL will help you to reach your destination or an alternative station where you can continue your travel.

If you feel like the accessibility guarantee applies to your situation you can call SL’s customer support at +46 20 120 20 22 or send a text message to +46 70 256 46 81. You can also ask any of SL’s station personnel for help.

Read more about the accessibility guarantee

Important note: The lines of Roslagsbanan, Nockebybanan, and Saltsjöbanan are not covered by the accessibility guarantee.