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Fredrik Robertsson having a drink with Stockholm City Hall in the backgropund.

Photo: Johan Benno

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Fredrik Robertsson – the fashionable mystery man

Publish date: 20 December 2021

He is the fashionista who makes Vogue-editor heads turn. He is the local who knows where to go for a great night out. He is Fredrik Robertsson – the LGBTQ activist that describes himself as a creative soul.

Last year, Fredrik Robertsson celebrated his 34th birthday in Stockholm. Rosendal's Garden Café – usually a hotspot for tourists looking to have a "fika" during sunny summer days – was the venue for the birthday bash and famous faces were as frequent as squares on a Burberry scarf. The birthday boy himself wore a creation from fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier and a headband with the letters QUEEN in gold.

Even though he describes it as a "three-day extravaganza of love and a party I will never forget", the images from that night blend in perfectly on his Instagram page. Scrolling down his feed, it's a colorful explosion of balloons, haute couture, and festive moments.

Fredrik Robertsson knows how to party – and he knows how to dress. Not even Naomi Campbell could compete with the attention he got during the Valentino Spring 2019 Couture show in Paris earlier this year. Vogue admittedly described the former super model’s return to the catwalk as epic but then dedicated the article to one person in the audience – a bearded man in a black iridescent gown that stole the show. The headline read "Who Was the Fabulous Mystery Man at Valentino’s Couture Show?" You've guessed the answer: Fredrik Robertsson.

Born in Stockholm and raised in Sweden, Norway, and Singapore, he returned to his hometown at the age of 15. Since then, he's seen the city going through a change for the better.

– More and more international designer brands are opening up locations in Stockholm, which is great! Nowadays we got Chanel, Cartier, Prada … There is also a huge range of restaurants and boutique hotels that weren’t here before. We should really be proud of the quality that Stockholm has to offer.

What is your favorite area in Stockholm?
– I love Nytorget in Södermalm. I lived there for nearly ten years and I’m very fond of the people there and the feeling of a place that never sleeps. My favorite restaurant is also in the neighborhood, Vina on Sofiagatan 1.

As a visitor with 24 hours in Stockholm, what should one not miss?
– That’s a tough one! I would recommend Rosendal's Garden Café and Djurgården, they're both unique for Stockholm. I tell everyone to go there.

If you only have time for one museum, which one is the best bet?
– Nationalmuseum. I just love it. Also, Fotografiska, where you can eat a nice lunch.

What're your three favorite stores in Stockholm?
– Unfortunately, I live in a city with a very limited range of clothes. But if I would shop in Stockholm, I would go to Jus, Nathalie Schuterman, or Herr Judit.

At what pub have you had your best night out?
– At Vina, without a doubt. It's run by two sisters and is located in the same building where I used to live for many years. They change the menu all the time, they’re wine experts – and it's such a cozy atmosphere! My husband and I used to go there all the time when we had just met and wanted to cuddle in a corner without being seen.

What are your best LGBT friendly places in Stockholm?
– Definitely Mälarpaviljongen in the summertime, it's a favorite of mine. Club Backdoor is great if you want to party all night long – Miss Inga really knows how to run a club! All the outlets of Urban Deli are also great. I sometimes feel there's a lack of meeting points for the gay crowd in Stockholm... maybe we live in such an open city that it isn't really needed?