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23 handy apps to use in Stockholm

Publish date: 26 January 2021

Although there’s nothing wrong with carrying around a guide or a map, many prefer a smartphone as the go-to companion on their travels. Especially the tech-savvy Swedes themselves. Here are some smartphone apps that will make your stay in Stockholm easier.


Google translate
Swedes are generally known to speak excellent English, so asking for directions shouldn’t be a problem. Street signs and posters might still be in Swedish though, and that’s where Google Translate offers some assistance. Either write the words you see, use your phone's microphone or take a picture with the camera to get an instant translation.

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android phones.
Google Translate on iOS
Google Translate on Android

Is your phone's battery drained after a day of exploration and sightseeing? Find a portable phone charger with Brick's power bank-rental service. The company has set up several rental boxes in central Stockholm and the in-app map guides you to the nearest available charger.

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android phones but features in-app purchases.
Brick on iOS
Brick on Android

Traffic & Transportation

SL - Reseplanerare och biljetter
One of the easiest ways to get around Stockholm is its public transportation system, which in turn makes the official travel planner app one of the handiest. Plan your excursions around town, discover alternate routes, and see which connecting buses or trains you need to take. You can also use the app to buy your tickets.

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android phones.
SL - Reseplanerare och biljetter for iOS
SL - Reseplanerare och biljetter for Android

Parking app that automatically shows which zone you are in and thus how much to pay. If you need to extend the parking, you can do so directly on your mobile. Works with Swedish mobile payment service Swish.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android.
Easypark for iOS
Easypark for Android Stockholm
Car-borne? With the help of app you can, when traveling in Stockholm, update yourself on the traffic situation before you embark on the roads. For example, you may receive notifications to your mobile about traffic disruptions in the areas and during the times you choose.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android. Stockholm for iOS Stockholm for Android

Taxi-apps and ride-sharing
Stockholm has several taxi companies operating, and many of them offer apps for a simpler way to book a car. For an alternative to regular taxi travels Uber and Bolt also operate in Stockholm.

All these apps are free to download but booking a ride is of course not. For more info on pricing please visit the respective websites.

Taxi 020
Taxi 020 for iOS
Taxi 020 for Android

Taxi Stockholm
Taxi Stockholm for iOS
Taxi Stockholm for Android

Taxi Kurir
Taxi Kurir for iOS
Taxi Kurir for Android

Uber for iOS
Uber for Android

Bolt for iOS
Bolt for Android

Nightlife & Dining

With Bookatable you can see which restaurants nearby have available seats and book tables directly in the app! It is easy to browse individual restaurants or see a map of your area.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android.
Bookatable for iOS
Bookatable for Android

Do you want to save money and make a contribution to the environment? With Karma, you buy affordable leftover food from restaurants and cafes that would otherwise have been thrown away.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android
Karma for iOS
Karma for Android

A night out on the town? The Stockholm-based Keyflow collects events and club nights in one place to help you discover the city’s nightlife. The app also helps you to buy tickets to any clubs or events that might require admission.

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android phones.
Keyflow for iOS
Keyflow for Android

Want to meet some new friends? Meetup is an app where you can meet people with similar interests. It could be going to a concert together, doing a language exchange, or just meeting and hanging out in a park!

The app is free and available for iOS and Android.
Meetup for iOS
Meetup for Android

Nature & Outdoors

Go Jauntly
Go Jauntly is a social walking app where you curate your own walks, discover new areas to explore, and can share your experiences with friends in a fun and visual way.

The app is free to download and currently only available for iOS
Go Jauntly for iOS
Go Jauntly for Android

Stockholm County Nature Map
Short texts and clear pictures from the nature reserves and national parks in Stockholm County. The app makes it easier to find green areas to visit. The maps show where the area is located as well as information about what you can do once you're there.

The app is free and available for iOS and Android.
Stockholms Läns Naturkarta for iOs
Stockholms Läns Naturkarta for Android

If walking is your preferred mode of transportation this should be right up your alley. Viewranger leads a double life as a social platform. Not only does it help you find hiking trails near you, but users can also post trails of their own.

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android phones.
Viewranger on iOS
Viewranger on Android

Art & Culture

Artworks help you find galleries, exhibitions, and public art near you. You can create an account to get updates from your favorite galleries and exhibitors and if you’re actually looking to buy art, Artworks helps you find pieces for sale.

The app is free but currently only available for iOS phones.
Artworks for iOS
Artworks for Android

SL ArtGuide
Stockholm's subway system has been called the world's longest art exhibition and for good reason. SL ArtGuide takes you on a guided tour of 21 of the most celebrated stations - Kungsträdgården, T-Centralen, and Stadion to name a few - and teaches you about the art and the artists behind it.

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android phones.
SL ArtGuide on iOS
SL ArtGuide on Android

Guide Apps


Appipelago is a good source for anyone who wants to learn more about the Stockholm archipelago. The app works regardless of mobile coverage on the lake and offers both audio guides and texts that tell about the archipelago's various islands and cobblestones, their history, and interesting anecdotes.

The app costs 30 SEK and is currently only available for iOS.
Appipelago for iOS

Guide U
A guide app dedicated to the rich history of Gamla stan (the Old town) with several audio tours to choose from while exploring the old streets and buildings.

The app is free to download, but unlocking the tours costs 20 SEK each.
Guide U on iOS
Guide U on Android

Spotted by Locals
Spotted by Locals is a community-driven guide app where handpicked locals offer up their own favorites spots and hangouts in Stockholm. If you want personal recommendations that might be off the beaten path, this might be the app for you. 

Spotted by Locals is free to download, but features in-app purchases.
Spotted by Locals on iOS
Spotted by Locals on Android

Enjoy a gamified trip to Stockholm with Questadore, an app that doubles as a guide and game. Chose from a variety of quests; some aimed at tourist guiding or puzzle-solving, others presenting a physical challenge, decipher the clues to find the next location on your quest, and earn points.

The app is free and available for both iOS and Android phones.
Questadore on iOS
Questadore on Android