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Visit Roslagen

Roslagen is the name of the coastal areas north of Stockholm, which also constitute the northern part of the Stockholm Archipelago. Small picturesque island villages, historical sites, and untouched nature are waiting to be discovered in Roslagen. The largest communities are Norrtälje, Grisslehamn, Österåker, Öregrund, and Östhammar.

Try an island tour and sail with a historical ship or paddle in a kayak. Travel down interesting footpaths in the national park, and see white-tailed eagles and seals in the outer archipelago. You can also experience Swedish history at the one-of-a-kind Walloon ironworks, Vaxholm’s fortress, the holy Birgitta’s “Finsta,” and the many Middle Age churches and museums.

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Lilla Brogatan 3

76130 Norrtälje