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The Per Albin Houses

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The 94 houses on Ålstensgatan in Bromma are a classic example of Swedish functionalism. They were designed by architect Paul Hedqvist and built in the 1930s. The street has become a symbol for the political term "folkhemmet" (the people's home), which aimed to build a society without class barriers and where everybody would be entitled to a decent home. The concept of "folkhemmet" was launched by Per Albin Hansson, who was the prime minister of Sweden from 1923 to 1946, except for a short period in 1936. He actually moved into one of the collective houses on the street, and the nickname The Per Albin Houses has stuck ever since. Per Albin Hansson lived on Ålstensgatan 40 until his death, and his house can be recognized by its half-round extension.

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167 65 Bromma