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T-Centralen subway station

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T-Centralen, the nexus of Stockholm’s subway system, opened up for traffic in 1957 and was the first station to feature artwork. The blue line-platform, quite literally “the blue platform” is hands down one of the public transport system’s most recognizable places. But it didn’t open until 1975 when the blue line to Hjulsta was completed.

Painting a platform on the subway’s blue line almost entirely in, well… blue might seem a little on the nose. Art guide Marie Andersson theorizes that the artist Per Olof Ultvedt not only chose the blue shades based on their aesthetic values but also their relaxing effect.

"­I think Per Olof Ultvedt wanted to create a calming atmosphere because this is a station where people are in a hurry. They are changing trains to another metro line or another commuter train. I suppose the idea was that the blue color together with the simple motifs – stylized flowers and leaf creepers – gives passengers pause and a chance to clear their mind".

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