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Stockholm Olympic Stadium

Alex Ljungdahl

The Stockholm Olympic Stadium, commonly referred to as just "Stadion", was built as the main venue for the 1912 Olympiad in Stockholm. Initially, Torben Grut, the stadium's architect, planned for a provisional arena made of wooden boards painted white. But when it was decided that it was to become a permanent landmark Grut opted for a majestic brick construction instead, inspired by Ragnar Östberg's constructions and the Visby City Wall, in a typical Swedish National Romantic style. The arena is also decorated with small patterns and reliefs embedded in the brickwork, and you'll also find statues by Carl Eldh and Carl Fagerberg.

Stadion is not just a beloved historical landmark but also a cherished cultural hub. Before modern arenas like Tele2 and Friends were built in the 21st century, Stadion was the obvious concert venue for international superstars visiting Stockholm during the summer. In fact, the arena is still used to this day for concerts and sports events, which makes it the world's oldest Olympic arena still in use. It's also open to the public every day, for anyone who wants a morning jog or practice some soccer out on the field.

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