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Solna Centrum subway station

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The station of Solna Centrum opened with the first arm of the blue line in 1975. The bright green and red landscape - the green being the forest and the red an evening sun setting behind the treetops - is both timeless in its beauty, but also something that few other stations artwork is; political.

After completing the walls artists Karl-Olov Björk and Anders Åberg felt they were lacking. So they continued adding various details and scenes to the forest.

"Originally the walls were supposed to be only green and red", explains art guide Marie Andersson. "So the rest of the paintings were pretty much improvised. This resulted in pictures that illustrated some of the most debated societal topics in 70’s era Sweden; the environment, deforestation, and the depopulation of rural areas".

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Solna centrum

171 45 Solna