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Ola Ericsson / Stockholmsfoto

As in practically all European countries, soccer/football is a beloved sport with many passionate fans in Sweden. Of all the sports in Sweden, it’s also the one with the highest number of club members and active players.

The three most prominent Stockholm clubs are AIK (Allmäna Idrottsklubben, nicknamed “Gnaget”), DIF (Djurgårdens Idrottsförening, or simply “Djurgården”) and HIF (Hammarby Idrottsförening, commonly referred to as ”Bajen”), represented by both women’s –and men’s teams.

To accommodate for the colder climate, organized league football is played from late spring in April, all through the summer months and up until October. Tickets can be bought either at the arena on game day, through the different clubs’ web pages or (depending on the team and arena) through Ticketmaster, Stockholm Live and Friends Arena.