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Photo: Henrik Ahrnborg

When you arrive in Simpnäs, you will see the old ferry berth located in the harbor, offering a beautiful view of Arholma. The harbor area has a summer kiosk and a convenience store. In the same building, there is a summer café that serves homemade bread, coffee, and light meals. The restaurant located above the café provides a wonderful view of the small harbor. Make sure to visit the Björkö-Arholma maritime museum, which showcases the golden era of sailing ships in Björkö during the 1800s.

Skeppsmyra, situated in the southern part of Björkö, is surrounded by serene surroundings, beautiful archipelago scenery, woods, farmland, sea, and beaches. You can spend the night in Lyckhem's cabins. Additionally, don't forget to check out the summer art exhibit.

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