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Rådmansö is located on the coast of Roslagen in Norrtälje. The peninsula boasts a stunning landscape that offers breathtaking views of the archipelago. You can find several places to visit and explore here, including Kapellskär, Gräddö, Räfsnäs, and Södersvik. These places provide cultural experiences, entertainment, and adventures for people of all ages.

Rådmansö has a variety of accommodations, camping spots with cabins, swimming areas, and rentals for sailboats, rowboats, and kayaks. Additionally, there are many cafés, restaurants, bakeries, and event-planning companies. If you're a boat owner, there are guest harbors and marine service stations available.

If you're a nature enthusiast, you can visit Riddersholm's nature reserve, located furthest out on Rådmansö, by the Furusund fairway. This nature reserve is a perfect destination for excursions throughout the year.

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76130 Norrtälje