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Mörby Centrum subway station

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At first glance, Mörby Centrum’s station art might seem unassuming. Except for the colorful tilework embedded in the bedrock, the color scheme is light and almost subdued. But as art guide Marie Andersson explains it, the color is actually an optical illusion.

"The walls actually change color depending on where you stand on the platform. From one end the room appears white with a light shade of pink, and from the other white and grayish-green". 

The effect was achieved by first lighting the wall and painting its shadows from one side, and then from the other. The artists, Gösta Wessel and Karin Ek wanted to emphasize the changing landscape on a journey, not only on the platform itself but more importantly from your starting point to your destination.

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Mörby Centrum

182 31 Danderyd