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Hallonbergen subway station

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The first tenants of Hallonbergen’s typical Swedish “Millon Program”-apartment blocks moved into the suburb in 1969, but construction continued until the mid-’70s when Hallonbergen also got its own metro station.

With Hallonbergen's relatively young age in mind, it’s probably no coincidence that the artists Elis Eriksson and Gösta Wallmark were inspired by their own childhoods when decorating the subway station. Looking at the artwork can best be described as peeking into the vivid imagination of a child, with colorful drawings of fantastical beasts and imaginative contraptions.

­"Eriksson and Wallmark actually used their childhood drawings and drawings made by their own children", says art guide Marie Andersson. "The station’s name itself [Hallonbergen literally means “Raspberry Mountains”] sounds almost like something plucked from a fairytale".

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174 52 Sundbyberg