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Citybanan – Odenplan

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Citybanan, a new track for Stockholm’s commuter trains that connects T-Centralen directly with Odenplan, was completed in 2017 with new platforms and new art by 14 artists on the stations.

Hanging down from the ceiling of Odenplan’s western entrance hallway, “Life Line” is one of Citybanan's most eye-catching pieces. The piece by David Svensson consists of jagged white lines of fluorescent light, shining brightly in the tunnels. Obviously, the 400 meters of LED-lighting serves a practical purpose, but they’re also of a personal nature explains art guide, Marie Andersson:

"The shape of the lights was inspired by the heartbeats of the artist’s son, as shown on the CTG-monitor during the childbirth".

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113 22 Stockholm