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Meet the Locals. Ingegerd Wallén. En äldre kvinna, tittar in i kameran. Hon är klädd i en mörkblå jacka och bär på en vinröd axelväska
Photo: Visit Stockholm

Ingegerd Wallén

"I'm forever the student"



About me

Born in northern Sweden, Ingegerd Wallén has lived in Skåne, Stockholm, Bahrain, and Vienna, before moving back to Stockholm in 1993. She has 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandson. She lives on the Stockholm-island of Lidingö, together with her husband of 60 years (and counting). Forever the student (she recently took a course in opera science), she has worked as a lawyer and been the chairman of the United Nations Women’s Guild. Always hungry for new knowledge, Ingegerd loves reading and visiting Stockholm’s many museums. Her favorite spot in Stockholm is Waldemarsudde; with the surrounding oak forest and the 200-year-old linseed grinder. And although not being very fond of boats, she loves sitting outside of Fotografiska during the blue hour, watching the boats and ferries return from the archipelago.