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Christmas window display of red and white candy at Gamla stans polkagriskokeri in Stockholm.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Window shopping in Stockholm

Publish date: 10 December 2021

Stockholm is home to many beautiful boutiques and window displays. Looking at the ornate windows is like peeking into alternative mini-worlds filled with cheerful colors and cute animals, especially before the holidays. Here is a selection of window displays that are reason alone to stroll through the city right now.

Nordiska Kompaniet (NK)

Nordiska Kompaniet is known for having the most lavish Christmas Windows with ambient music and moving figures, and this year is no exception. The theme is 'A sustainable Christmas Saga' which means that everything – the animals, the forest, even the snowflakes – is made of leftover paper and plastic collected from the luxurious department store.


Swedish fashion brand Totême has built a multidimensional ice rink surrounded by skyscrapers reminiscent of Central Park in New York. Mini figures, dressed in the brand's clothes, are skating on the illuminated ice rink. Minimalistic and stylish, just like the brand.

Svenskt Tenn

Looking at interior design company Svenskt Tenn's holiday windows is like peeking into a flawlessly decorated Scandinavian living room. If you look closely, you can also see their version of a holiday buffet table – full of beautiful Christmas tree decorations.


If Svenskt Tenn is the definition of a traditional Swedish home, the windows of interior design store Brandstationen are the opposite. At a first glance, they don't even look decorated for Christmas, with neon signs, palm leaves, and porcelain animals all over the place. But take a closer look and you will discover glittery flamingos and sparkling shells made to be hung on the Christmas tree.


This children's bookstore mixes their books with gingerbread and toys for Christmas. At the bottom of the window, there's a winter landscape and both kids and their parents can spend a lot of time counting the large number of mice playing around in the snow.

Sibyllans Kaffe och Tehandel

Sibyllans's windows are the definition of old-school Christmas coziness. Their red tea caddies are natural Christmas decorations and go perfectly with the Christmas trees and Santa. The stuffed animals jumping rope and preparing tea are as sweet as an extra scoop of sugar in Sibyllans's famous Sir William's blend.

Gamla Stans Polkagriskokeri

Polkagrisar, a traditional Swedish peppermint-tasting candy, is a Christmas candy and window decoration in itself. This year, the store has built a Candyland with a roller coaster on which various sweets are going for a ride.

Christoffers Blommor

This flower shop in Stockholm's Old Town turns the whole alley into a stunning window display. Seasonal wreaths, flowers, and plants are carried outside in the morning, so the display changes every single day.