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Two guides in Stockholm on Instagram live.

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Live from Stockholm

Publish date: 12 November 2020

Sad because you can't visit Stockholm right now? We got you!

Now you can take a stroll through Stockholm’s old town, visit the Vasa Museum, or join us for a sunny summer day in the Stockholm archipelago – without leaving your couch. On our Instagram, we have gathered guided tours with authorized guides so you can get a glimpse of what the capital of Scandinavia has to offer. Be inspired, dream away, and welcome to travel when the timing is right.

Live guided tour from Fjäderholmarna

Have a taste of one of the closest islands in the Stockholm archipelago, Fjäderholmarna.

Live guided tour from Gamla Stan

Walk the streets of Stockholm’s old town, Gamla Stan, and hear about some lesser-known parts of the city’s history.

Guided tour about the drama at Norrmalmstorg

During six days in 1973, a hostage situation inside a bank gave us a new word in the vocabulary: The Stockholm Syndrome.

Live guided tour from a kayak

Experience central Stockholm with a guide from the best possible angle: the water.

Live guided tour from Södermalm

Explore the trendy island of Södermalm and discover one of the most breathtaking viewpoints in Stockholm, Monteliusvägen.

Live guided tour from a boat

Starting off at the green island of Djurgården, the captain takes you on a boat trip along some of Stockholm's most well-known attractions before reaching our final destination: The Royal Castle.

Live from the Vasa Museum

Learn more about the details on the Vasa ship and how it looked like before it sank during its maiden voyage back in 1628.

Live from the Vasa Museum

Learn more about the objects that were found on the Vasa ship when it was salvaged after 333 years – you might be surprised about their origin.

Live from Nordiska Museet

Take a sneak peek into the huge shoe storage at Nordiska Museet and learn more about women’s shoes in the 18th and 19th centuries.