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Chsristmas lights in Stockholm. Stockholm Centralstation. Bright lights adorn the entrance into the main waiting hall of the central station in Stockholm.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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A warm light in the darkness

Publish date: 28 December 2020

The winter months in Stockholm are dark and usually quite cold. The sunlight is limited to a few hours each day, which has led to a number of traditions and celebrations adding light to our lives.

In the dark weeks leading up to Christmas, we decorate our homes with candlesticks and star-shaped lamps. Christmas markets, holiday shows, and Lucia – the mythological figure and bearer of light in the dark winter – light up Stockholm.

This year, the corona pandemic has shut down many traditional highlights. The Christmas markets have been canceled. The holiday shows cannot be performed. Lucia will not light up the room you're in.

Nevertheless, there are still rays of light. Despite, and in some cases, thanks to, COVID-19 Stockholm will be more illuminated than ever this November and December. The Christmas lights have already been switched on. As many as 80 Christmas are decorating Stockholm’s Old Town. And the cancelation of this year's Nobel celebrations led to a completely new light tribute in the city center, called Nobel Week Lights.

Below, we have listed some of the highlights in Stockholm right now. Some of them are digital, others are outdoors and can be experienced safely with social distance. However, always remember to stay flexible and prepared to change your plans in case the place you had planned to visit becomes crowded. Please read our information for visitors during the corona pandemic. Thank you for being responsible.

Whether you like the darkness or not, there is actually a benefit to the short days: If the weather is right, you can walk to your favorite viewpoint in Stockholm and watch both a bright, blue sunrise and a spectacular, pink sunset without having to sacrifice your sleep.