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Principles of A Woman's Place

Publish date: 1 November 2023

We believe that when you practise these principles then you are contributing to a society where everyone is safe from gender discrimination and free to flourish.

The principles have been iterated and processed with experts such as Rättviseförmedlingen, Normact and the City of Stockholm’s Office of Human Rights. The principles are in line with the City of Stockholm’s program for a gender equal Stockholm and on a national level in line with the policies of gender equality.

This is a place where women are free to fulfill their professional potential.

Questions to ask yourselves/work with:

  • Do we have both women and men in leading positions? What are the numbers? How has the current balance evolved?
  • How does our recruitment process facilitate diversity? Do we need or have an active action plan in order to recruit more diversely?

This is a place where women and men have equal access to resources, knowledge, and networks.

Questions to ask yourselves/work with:

  • What kind of competence development do our female and male employees get, is there a difference? 
  • What kind of resources, knowledge, and networks do we provide to our employees?

This is a place where women feel safe and free from sexual harassment.

Questions to ask yourselves/work with:

  • How do we act if sexual harassment is reported?
  • Who is responsible for taking action and what are the steps?
  • How do we talk about this?
  • What kind of company culture do we have and how do we speak about and to each other?

This is a place where women’s and men’s ideas and ambition carry equal weight.

Questions to ask yourselves/work with:

  • Whose ideas get realized? Do we have an environment where women and men feel comfortable proposing ideas?
  • Who gets promoted? What does the process look like?
  • How do we actively work with our communication?
  • Who is seen in external and internal communication?

This is a place where women and men have the same opportunities to combine work and private life.

Questions to ask yourselves/work with:

  • How and when do we schedule our meetings in order for everyone to be able to participate?
  • Possibilities to go on parental leave and to care for children?

There will, of course, be further related points and actions and we are keen to hear how you interpret the principles in your workplace.