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View of Stockholm City Hall and the Waterfront Building at sunset

Photo: Erik G Svensson

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Facts about Stockholm's fastest growing industries

Publish date: 22 March 2021

Here are a few valuable facts and reports about some of Stockholm's leading industries, including ICT, Retail, Fintech, life science.


Stockholm is home to one of Europe’s most important tech communities and some of its fastest growing startups. The region has a strong engineering heritage where entrepreneurs think globally from day one and benefit from tech infrastructure investments. Add a population of tech-savvy early adopters and you get a perfect test market for new ICT products and services.

Life Science

If you’re looking for promising commercial life science projects or cross-disciplinary research partnerships, you need to look at the Stockholm-Uppsala region. It is Scandinavia’s leading life science cluster and one of the world’s most productive.


Stockholm is one of the world’s leading tech startup cities and one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. Add the region’s tradition of tackling environmental issues and the fact that Stockholm is decreasing emissions at the same time, and you get the foundation for one of Europe’s most vibrant cleantech clusters.


Stockholm is expanding rapidly. In 2020 the city will have 1 million inhabitants and by 2030, the city will reach 1.4 million. To ensure Stockholm's continued economic growth, more than EUR 95 billion in investments in the region are planned by 2030.


Stockholm is the secure and stable growth market chosen by more and more international retailers. In fact, Stockholm ranks as the most popular destination for international retailers in the Nordic region according to JLL’s report ‘Destination Nordics 2015’.


The Stockholm region attracts the most visitors in Scandinavia. The occupancy in Stockholm City is expected to reach 73 % in 2020.

Creative industries

Creative industries are flourishing in Stockholm. Innovative, open-minded people are moving here, dreams are imagined and cultivated here, and from here those dreams can stretch far beyond the borders of Sweden.


The year 2014 was a landmark year for investments in Stockholm-based fintech companies. In total 15 fintech deals attracted $266 Million in investments, accounting for a remarkable 18 percent of the total fintech investments across Europe. 


The Stockholm Automation Cluster is the world’s leading cluster for automation technologies. Come and participate in the development of new industries such as health robotics and smart cities.


The fast growing Stockholm region is the epicenter of one of Northern Europe’s most important consumer areas. This makes it the best location for deliveries to Scandinavia and the Baltic region.