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A woman holds a surf board on a stony beach on Torö, an island in the Stockholm archipelago.
Photo: Henrik Trygg

Realize your business dream

When in Stockholm, do like the Locals and embark on your very own entrepreneurial journey. Check out these guides designed to help you get your business off the ground, and how to grow it once you do.

Find a workplace

Find a workplace where you will thrive, whether it's your own office or one of the many co-working spaces dotted around Stockholm.

A Woman's Place for entrepreneurs

Stockholm is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for anybody wanting to start a business. Discover some of the resources available to help you start and operate your business in a city that values all entrepreneurs.

The Swedes who make fashion sustainable

You probably don’t know their faces and have never heard their names. But these four men aim to revolutionize the whole fashion industry and to reach all the way into your closet.

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